This is a list of episodes in the Magical girl anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
The following translated titles are unofficial; please do not change them.

Episode 1: As if we met in a Dream...Edit


Madoka Kaname is a normal, average girl. One day, when she has a strange dream, the girl in said dream, Homura Akemi, transfers to Mitakihara Middle School. Homura tells Madoka to value her life and keep it the way it is. Even the mysterious creature called Kyubey appears, and tells Madoka, along with her friend Sayaka Miki, they can make a contract and become a magical girl. But why did this all happen?

Episode 2: That Sounds Truly WonderfulEdit


Mami Tomoe, who saved Madoka and Sayaka the previous episode from a witch's barrier, explains the magical girl system. The girls also discover Mami attends Mitakihara. With Homura still warning the girls, Mami takes Madoka and Sayaka on a witch hunt, to help them see what it's like before making a decision.

Episode 3: I'm Not Afraid of Anything AnymoreEdit


Episode 4: Miracles and Magic ExistEdit


Episode 5: There's no Way I'll Regret itEdit


Episode 6: This Just Isn't RightEdit

Episode 7: Can You Face Your True Feelings?Edit

Episode 8: I Was Such an IdiotEdit

Episode 9: I'd Never Allow ThatEdit

Episode 10: "I Won't Rely On Anyone AnymoreEdit

Episode 11: The Only Guidepost RemainingEdit

Episode 12: My Very Best FriendEdit