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  • KaitlanKoizumi

    I'm Back!

    June 9, 2014 by KaitlanKoizumi

    After taking a break from my wiki, I am finally back and editing daily. I hope to get more users and edits.

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  • KaitlanKoizumi

    Should we?

    December 10, 2013 by KaitlanKoizumi

    Ok, so, there's this new feature called Visual Editor. Here is a [1] to read about it.

    I think the idea is interesting, but I'm not sure about it. What should we do?

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  • KaitlanKoizumi

    Here are my basic thoughts of what we should do to help make this wiki grow.

    We should first definitely finish the series we are now on, getting all characters, items, transformations, attacks, and more done. Then, we could continue with getting all the series done. After we get mostly all of that done, we can start making category pages to link everything to. In fact, you can do that while editing. After categorizing most things, we should definitely try making merchandise, song, and episode pages to make it look even better. Then, we can find a wordmark and thumbnail thing for our wiki, and then organize the front page more.

    Now, about the promoting, I can probably do that, but I will need a picture to promote this wiki. I think we should ha…

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